Press Release

Introducing New Spray Guns

08/19/2015   High volume and low pressure, the new Genius Tools 10HV series spray gun offers superior transfer efficiency, lower material consumption.  The sprayer can be adjuste...


New Air Tool Line

08/13/2015   Genius Tools is proud to introduce its new and wide range selection of premium air tools available to the professionals at their fingertips. Genius’ passion for qua...


Welcome to our new Genius Tools website!

08/13/2015   We are excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website at www.geniustools.net with a fresh look and user-friendly navigation which allows you to quickly fi...


Tool Drawer Organizers

06/28/2015   Ever spend valuable time in finding the tools that you need for the job? After hours of searching you realize that the tool is nowhere to be found then you have to rush t...


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